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Group Home Habilitation

We focus on providing Group Home settings that are “home-like” and comfortable while still providing necessary training and habilitation services. Our desire is to help each member acquire the skills and knowledge needed to actively participate in the community as much as he or she chooses.  Our goal is to assist the member in developing a vision of his or her future and, then, assist in achieving that vision of the future.


Each group home provides 24 hour care, 7 days a week to ensure the health and safety of each member.  We join with the member and his or her family to conduct an assessment to determine the training needs of the member through the development of an Individual Service Plan (ISP).  Each formal objective in the ISP will have a specific training plan which specifies the method of instruction, materials utilized and schedule of training.  The training plan will also include the means for measuring the individual’s progress toward achieving established training objectives.

Group home staffs are trained to provide a broad array of services to promote physical, emotional and mental well being of each member.  Our trained residential staff assist in the following areas:  Medical and counseling appointments, medication management, ISP and Behavior Treatment Plan (BTP) goal achievement, transportation as outlined by the ISP, cultural diversity, personal care assistance, and social skills and problem solving skill development.

A major focus of the program is the development and implementation of a behavior treatment plan to address what are often intense behavioral challenges.  An individualized BTP, which is developed by Mountain Village and adopted by the ISP team, is the key to developing the skills the member needs to attain the future that the member and his or her family envision.  Nothing makes us happier or more proud than to see the members we serve make progress on the course that they have laid out for themselves.

Home & Community Based Services

Respite-Hourly Habilitation-Attendant Care

Mountain Village is proud to provide members and their families who live at home or on their own with a variety of useful services to afford them a more balanced and structured life through our Hourly Habilitation Program.  The goal of the program is to enhance the success of each member in every aspect of community life.

Services provided in HOURLY HABILITATION are designed to make it easier for members to remain at home or live independently.  Our habilitation providers are trained to teach the member new skills to advance independence.  Our staff is trained to carry out services as outlined through the ISP/Planning Document.  These services are designed to improve social skills, personal hygiene, and other self-help skills to assist in maintaining independence.  The program provides the opportunity for each member to develop a sense of identity and self-worth by developing and assisting members in all their goals for daily living.


ATTENDANT CARE service provides a qualified attendant to supply needed services in order for the consumer to remain in his/her home and/or participate in work/community activities.  To assist the consumer to attain or maintain safe and sanitary living conditions and/or maintain personal cleanliness and activities of daily living.  Mountain Village will develop and implement a schedule and general plan of care.  Provide assistance to maintain personal cleanliness and in activities of daily living that do not require medical supervision or intervention, such as bathing, oral hygiene, eating and meal preparation, routine nail and skin care, tasks necessary for comfort and safety of movement restricted consumers; and assisting with special appliances and/or prosthetic devices. Provide assistance by planning, shopping, storing, and cooking food for nutritional meals. Assist in providing appropriate attention to injury and illness; maintain skin integrity including the provision of first aid (i.e., prevention of pressure sores). Refer for appropriate action all consumers who present additional medical or social problems during the course of the service delivery


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